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Do Sneaker Shields Actually Work?

As a guy who works for NoCrease, I've heard it all before:

"Are those things a lie?"

"Don't they just work for like a week?"

"C'mon, do those things actually work?"

You won't be wrong in thinking, yes I did get tired of it. It is going to be baffling to people that an item that doesn't even cost a tenth of your shoe can keep it looking new, and yes it was baffling to me too.

So that's why before I started NoCrease, I did a bit of my own research. I had bought some new AF1's in May 2019, can't remember the shoe name but it was a GR. It'd basically a white tumbled leather AF1 with some grey touches.

Anyways, I put the first ever item into my shoe. Immediately I found a problem; no one actually tells you how to put the thing into your shoe. So that had to change. Secondly, after a few wears, even with the nubs at the top the shield kept sliding forward. So that also had to change. I went through many different tapes until I found the most premium, top-of-the-line 3M tape that met my standard. It solved the problem flawlessly.

So I went wearing them in my Air Forces to test them out. It's almost been a year now, and to me, they still look great. Here, even judge for yourself:

In conclusion, the laces are not white like they used to be. The inner lining isn't pearl white. But LOOK at the creases. This is when I knew 'Yes, yes they do actually work'.

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