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Why NoCrease Sneaker Shields are better than the competition

So I personally have worked in retail for a long, long time, mostly in shoe shops. I've been following basketball sneakers, and just sneakers in general now for years. So I think I can say this pretty comfortably; the game has changed. People are starting to pay attention to your shoes when you're out and about. Thousands of sneaker sites and pages are on social media, posting the latest good stuff. And most importantly, we care about how our sneakers look.

Now obviously in the US this has been going on for ages, but i'm not there, i'm in the UK. You might also be wondering why this British man keeps calling trainers sneakers (Shh, it's a branding thing). Anyways, what I've been trying to say is that people including yourself care about how your sneakers I mean trainers look.

Now, for NoCrease, when we started we wanted to offer something different. Not just the same old, same old meh stuff. You see it everywhere these days, sneaker crease memes, people thinking white creased air forces are for teenage girls at raves and black creased air forces are for criminals. So obviously, I had a pair of crisp AF1's for the summer, and I wanted to keep them crease free. I searched and searched and I came to a conclusion:

  • Most of the stuff I wanted was coming straight from China or wherever it was being made, a.k.a being dropshipped

  • They all had flaws (for me, at least)

The first thing I noticed was everything I wanted was branded. Not branded like we are, but like branded but not really. A lot of the stuff looked like an item with a logo slapped on it, or literally had a logo put on it from Photoshop but was plain in real life. That's called dropshipping, where when you place an order from a site, someone from where it''s made sends it to you. Thjs way, say if it was faulty or the wrong size, it was WAY longer and probably is still longer than normal to get in touch with the website owner. That's why we at NoCrease send you our items from our UK base, and when you talk to someone at NC, you're talking to us.

I also noticed one major flaw with the items I bought to stop my AF1's from creasing. They all either slid out, or couldn't be cut because they were too big. That's why on NoCrease Sneaker Shield's, they have 3M tape all on the contact points of the shield, so it can't move. And our guide on our How To Use page tells you how to EXACTLY use it.

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