The BEST Capsule on the market to keep your trainers, sneakers and boots smelling and looking fresh!

NoCrease Sneaker Capsule

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    Ever wanted to remove the smell out of your shoes, hoping to make them smell as close to new as possible? Well we have curated the best product on the market to help you achieve this!


    FRAGRANT SMELL the NoCrease Capsule comes equipped with a clean and fragrant smell, that once diffused into your shoes, you'll think they are new again!

    N-SHIELD is a defence system which repels and expels any unpleasant smells in the surrounding area.

    ZEOLITE is a chemical compund that traps and pulls away any of the odours, keeping them from ever returning.


    The Capsule comes with THREE levels of freshness that represent the slots in the middle of the capsule. Once you twist the Capsule open, the slots represent how much freshness the surrounding area needs. The more you twist, the more the freshness!


    Care & Material - PVC Plastic

    Colour - Vivid Yellow and Dark Black

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