Hard to decide? The NoCrease Ultimate Pack includes the Number One Sneaker Shields, Crease Preventers AND Sneaker Capsules to keep your trainers fresh!

NoCrease Ultimate Pack

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    This is the classic, renowned crease preventer and sneaker shield from NoCrease. Made to slow down and even possibly stop the visible creasing of your favourite trainers and boots.


    Crease Preventer

    MADE TO LAST because unlike foam, the smooth-to-touch silicone never degrades and can't lose it's form over time

    ADJUSTABLE so you can trim as you please using the guided lines so they provide the best possible fit for you and your shoes

    BREATHABLE with added perforation, and unlike foam, won't collect sweat


    Sneaker Shield

    INSTANT COMFORT because this Sneaker Shield is tailored to the ergonomics of the foot, it's top placement ensures the wearer can rock their kicks all day!

    ONE SIZE so you can open the box and pop these right in, no worries and no messing

    BREATHABLE with added perforation, and is lightweight so it can go unnoticed throughout the day


    Sneaker Capsule

    FRAGRANT SMELL the NoCrease Capsule comes equipped with a clean and fragrant smell, that once diffused into your shoes, you'll think they are new again!

    N-SHIELD is a defence system which repels and expels any unpleasant smells in the surrounding area.

    ZEOLITE is a chemical compund that traps and pulls away any of the odours, keeping them from ever returning.



    Care & Material - Various

    Colour - Various

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