NoCrease Sneaker Shield

NoCrease Sneaker Shield

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The Number One Sneaker Shield to limit the creases on your favorite sneakers, trainers and boots!



This is the classic, renowned sneaker shield from NoCrease. Made to slow down and even possibly stop the visible creasing of your favourite trainers and boots.


INSTANT COMFORT because this Sneaker Shield is tailored to the ergonomics of the foot, it's top placement ensures the wearer can rock their kicks all day!

ONE SIZE so you can open the box and pop these right in, no worries and no messing

BREATHABLE with added perforation, and is lightweight so it can go unnoticed throughout the day


For the best possible fit, make sure the shoe you're fitting them in has some wiggle room on the sides (so it shouldn't be a snug fit!) because the preventer can fill in some space in the shoe.


Also, if you desire, feel free to use the double-sided tape provided in the box of the sneaker shield when inserting. This helps keeps the preventer in place when you wear your trainer!


Care & Material - PVC Foam

Colour - Pearl White

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